Rare Breed:
A Chinese Jewish Quest
Irene Chu

Copyright © 2016 by Irene C. Chu
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Irene Chu’s tour de force achievement reveals how China became a place for Kaifeng Jews and Jewish refugees in their quest for a new life. Most notably, it embellishes on stories of how Chinese entrepreneurs helped the Sephardic Jews in Shanghai from 1942 to 1945 when they came into hardship under the Japanese. It reminds us that one must never be complacent.

Anthony B. Chan, author: Arming the Chinese (1982, 2010), Gold Mountain (1983), Li Ka-shing (1996), Perpetually Cool, The Many Lives of Anna May Wong (2003).

Copyright © 2016 by Irene C. Chu
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Chinese calligraphy by Irene Chu
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ISBN: 978-0-9951677-1-1 (print)
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