“… a very interesting read. Learning history has never been made so easy and accessible!”
E.M. (Yeti) Agnew J.D.. B. Sc.
Legal Sherpa Lawyer . YETI – LAW

“ …the stories are so fascinating: a sweeping multi-generational family saga, covering the lives of several generations, in different locales… incorporating storytelling through meticulously researched, documented events in history.”
Dr. Alan Joe
Former professor of dentistry at University of Toronto

“It was a pleasure reading the book. It was fun too and reading it showed there was a lot of love and work in it.”
Dr. Anthony B. Chan
Author / Filmmaker / Journalist / Professor

“The book is very well written. It’s very readable… weaving history into the personal lives of the characters…”
Dr. Angela Wei Djao
Author / Professor

“ …amazing book which chronicles the chapter of Chinese history that had been quite disjointed in my mind until now. The backdrop of the Zhao ancestry adds so much drama and humanity into the novel that it is as entertaining as it is informative…”
Sally Chan
Writer / Banker

“ …such an interesting book. It’s not just historical but is intertwined with poetry like emotions! …remarkable endeavor…”
Jo-cy Lee
Jewelry Designer

“…knits the history of Jews in China so cleverly, the political conditions, geographic locations, and places throughout Chinese history…  ”
Beatrice Lo

“ …It is wonderful! …the novel makes history come alive… enjoyed it so much… ”
Winne Ng

“I enjoyed reading the book very much and finished it in one sitting… Very interesting… Looking forward to the next book… ”
Michael Yu
Financier / Entrepreneur

“ …taking readers on… life journey: Shanghai – Hong Kong – Canada and back to China in search of ancestral roots. Along the way, chapter by chapter, bits of world, local and family history appear in the multi-level / multi-faceted narrative. Pre-war Shanghai sociology; WWII – including the Nanking Massacre; Chinese Civil War; Communist rule. …other thought-provoking matters, …the evolution of Judaism and Islamism… practices… in China. Whether intentional or not, these observations could trigger timely conversations towards acknowledging present racial / cultural / religious phobia and move towards a healthier atmosphere with understanding. ”
Aline Tso